MSS Life Membership

The MSS Life Membership is our way of recognizing and thanking long-time MSS members and contributors. Life members shall have all the privileges of regular members, but shall not be required to pay membership dues. 


Life Membership Eligibility

The MSS bylaws say: “Upon retirement from professional duties and the fulfillment of such other criteria as the Board of Directors shall designate, a regular member shall be eligible for life membership.”

Eligibility for Life membership, per MSS policies, is to be retired from full-time employment and to have been a member of MSS for twenty (20) or more years. The Board does have the ability to consider members with shorter tenure with MSS if they have been active in the Society for a long period and meet the other requirements.


Life Membership Application

To request life membership, please send a short letter in care of the executive director, addressing it to the current president and board of directors. The letter should reference your years of membership, participation in annual meetings, committee and board service, and retirement date. Your request will be acted upon at the next board meeting. Those approved will receive their Life membership beginning the next renewal period following approval.

Although applications will be accepted throughout the year, please consider the following deadlines for consideration at the board meetings:

  • Fall Board Meeting - September 1 deadline
  • Spring Board Meeting - March 1 deadline