Board of Directors


Tom Gerschick, Illinois State University

President-Elect / 2020 Program Chair
Julie Pelton, University of Nebraska Omaha

Immediate Past President / ASA Representative
Marlynn May, Texas A&M Health Science Center

Megan Nielsen, Midland University

Geoff Harkness, Rhode Island College

Lisa Thrane, Wichita State University

President-Elect-Elect* / 2021 Program Chair
Meredith Redlin, 
South Dakota State University


At-large Director [2018-21]
Allison Vetter
, Henderson State University

At-large Director [2018-20]
Veronica Medina, Indiana University Southeast

Illinois Director [2018-21]
Meghan Burke, 
Illinois Wesleyan University

Iowa Director [2017-20]
Patrick Archer, 
St. Ambrose University

Kansas Director [2017-20]
Jennifer Pearson, 
Wichita State University

Minnesota Director [2018-21]
Erik Larson, 
Macalester College

Missouri Director [2017-20]
Joan Hermsen, 
University of Missouri

Nebraska Director [2019-22]
Lisa Kort-Butler, 
University of Nebraska - Lincoln

North & South Dakota Director [2019-22]
Liz Legerski, 
University of North Dakota

Wisconsin Director [2019-22]
Brandon Hofstedt, 
Northland College

Student Directors
Doug Valentine, University of Missouri [2017-20]
Dalton Stevens, Syracuse University [2018-21]
Michael Miner, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee [2019-22]

Appointed Positions

Media Editor (to include The Midwest Sociologist)
Matt Reid, 
Western Michigan University

Editor(s) of The Sociological Quarterly
Mike Lacy, Colorado State University
N. Prabha Unnithan, Colorado State University

Director of Exhibits / Advertising
Eve Blobaum, Johnson County Community College

Annual Meeting Committee Chair
Laurie Linhart, Des Moines Area Community College

Local Arrangements Chair [2020, Omaha]
Jay Irwin, University of Nebraska Omaha

Long Range Planning Committee Chair
Matt Lammers, Rhodes College

Publications Committee Chair
Brian Donovan, University of Kansas

Executive Director
Jennifer Talarico, Midwest Sociological Society



*The President Elect-Elect is not formally a member of the Board until they become President-Elect.