Tours & Experiences

Each year, the Local Arrangements Chairs work diligently to offer tours and experiences for those interested in experiencing sociology in the host city. These optional tours are open to all attendees of the MSS Annual Meeting.

Tour tickets may be purchased via the link below during the advance registration period ending March 1st.

  • Purchase tour tickets before March 1st. Limited seating available!
  • You may wish to buy tour tickets AFTER  the final program is published in January, to make sure you are not scheduled for a presentation or meeting during the tour you wish to take. Tour tickets are not refundable after March 1st.

Already registered for the meeting and want to add a tour to your itinerary? Contact Jennifer Talarico for help!


Boys Town

Friday, April 3, 9:00am-11:30am

Boys Town’s mission is to provide a place of support and safety for at-risk children and their families. Founded in 1917 by famed Father Edward Joseph Flanagan, who ministered to the homeless on the streets of Omaha, the work of the organization was profiled in a 1938 movie titled “Boys Town.” Boys Town is now one of the largest non-profit child-care agencies in the country, providing assistance to over 2 million people each year. Though there are locations all across the United States, the national headquarters remain in Omaha. We will tour the campus, learning about the history of the organization, stopping at several main attractions like the Father Flanagan house and museum.

In addition to its outreach programs for children and families, Boys Town also runs the Boys Town National Research Institute for Child and Family Studies. The institute’s applied research focuses on: the development and evaluation of interventions for at-risk youth and their families, understanding youth and family risk and protective factors related to child maltreatment and juvenile offending, and examining the behavioral-emotional, mental health, and educational problems of youth. After touring the Boys Town campus, individuals affiliated with the research institute will discuss current social science projects, the role of social scientists and research analysts in the organization, and the contributions made to scientific literature on topics related to child and family interventions. For more information see the Boys Town website:

CAPACITY:  45         FEE:  $15

Undesign the Redline

Saturday, April 4, Noon - 2:00pm

The Union for Contemporary Art’s exhibit "Undesign the Redline” is an interactive exhibit, workshop series, and curriculum exploring the foundations of structural racism and the lingering effects of Redlining. The exhibit focuses on the historical events surrounding Omaha’s Near North and South sides that resulted in systematically segregated communities through prohibitive and discriminatory home lending practices. In Omaha, and cities across the country, red lines were literally drawn on city maps by the federally-funded Home Owners’ Loan Corporation, identifying predominantly African-American and immigrant communities as “hazardous” and unfit for investment.

CAPACITY:  45         FEE:  $15

A History of Redlining in Omaha